• Pediatric Care

  • Newborn and pediatric care at Parker Primary Care in Parker, Colorado From newborn care through adolescence, at Primary Care Meridian we are here to treat your child through every stage of life, including the good times and the not so good times. Whether your child is suffering from the common cold, needs immunizations for school or is due for an annual physical, you don't need to look any further than our office.

    We offer full pediatric care including:

    • Well-child checkup
    • Immunizations
    • Sports physicals
    • Care of acute injuries/illnesses
    • Chronic disease diagnosis and management
    • Collaboration/coordination with specialists

    Immunizations are vaccinations given throughout your lifetime to prevent serious, sometimes fatal diseases and boost your body's natural immune system. Immunization occurs when a small amount of a virus or bacteria is exposed to your body. From this exposure, your immune system learns what the foreign body is and how to fight it in the future should your body encounter this disease again resulting in you either not getting ill or having a milder form of the illness. Immunizations help protect us from infections that used to be common like polio, tetanus, mumps, measles and whooping cough. It is important to discuss all vaccinations and any concerns with you doctor.

    Well-child exams are complete physical exams that measure your child's development and growth. Well-child exams are more frequent during your child's early years as their development is fast and furious during their first years. The preventative care your child receives during these exams is crucial in diagnosing any problems early on. Make sure to communicate with your doctor during these appointments and don't hesitate to ask her any questions. At your first appointment, we will discuss a preventative health care schedule.


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